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Lorine Boudinet is a French designer desiring to merge art and design in an innovative way. In her design, which is focused on crafts and objects, she explores the relationship between humans and fiction and the tradition that initiates stories. By embracing ancient crafts, she aims to add more meanings to the shapes and aesthetics around us. Romanticism, baroque, or folklore are among the artistic references she regularly looks at. Starting from stories, function is the major aspect of her practice.

After few experiences in Asia, she decided to examine her ability to report on feelings experienced abroad. Since her last trip to Eastern Europe, she investigates on time evocations and on night poetry. 

Lorine is graduated from the Haute école
des arts du Rhin (France).

She regularly participates for collaborative editions.



︎︎︎ lorineboudinet@gmail.com
︎︎︎ @lorineboudinet

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 This month, I clothe my nights’ coat to hide from the shadows at the time when leaves are blushing, when my nights shade my days, when they strike while the sun is sleeping away.