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Les ombres fleurs

Les ombres fleurs is a series of glazed vases with organic and mineral shapes, produced over three months at Collectif Cric in Strasbourg. Inspired by the German concept of Wanderschaft (or Wanderung), the vases borrow their silhouettes from rock and ore.

"Die Wanderschatft" is in a way inherited from German Romanticism. At the end of the 18th century, it was customary to illustrate the hiker in contact with a picturesque nature. To get closer to its inner self through the pedestrian journey which becomes a matter of necessary poetry. This term which can be translated "peregrination" is also used to designate the course of the "Compagnons du devoir" in Germany. Gradually it bequeaths its literary attributes to the illustrated travel guides and leporello panoramas that will become the first tourism books.

Dimensions : the biggest is 32x23x20 cm.
Materials : stoneware, glaze, stones.

 This month, I clothe my nights’ coat to hide from the shadows at the time when leaves are blushing, when my nights shade my days, when they strike while the sun is sleeping away.