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Rosario is a unique piece furniture created as part of the “Stool party" call for projects for the Metz Design Festival, Eglise des Trinitaires (Metz, France), in September 2023.

Rosario was inspired by the revelation scene in Antonin Artaud's The Monk. In a small retreat garden in Madrid, the Monk Ambrosio meets up by chance with a young brother from his monastery named Rosario. As friendship joins them in a long exchange of confidences, Rosario reveals the unthinkable: beneath his monk's robes lie the features of a woman (Lewis's The Monk, narrated by Antonin Artaud, 1931).

Dimensions : base diam 43 cm, h.50 cm.
Materials : silk, polyurethane, metal.

 This month, I clothe my nights’ coat to hide from the shadows at the time when leaves are blushing, when my nights shade my days, when they strike while the sun is sleeping away.