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The Nightwatchman

At night, the shadows are black and in these black shadows are hidden the interstices of our fantasies, our terrors and our anxieties. Sleep is a state of beyond ; an in-between both cozy and trying that guides us into what we are most sensitive to explore, our hidden side.

Initially inspired by the world of traditional Asian kites, the «Nightwatchman» is a bedspread made of wild bi-dyed silk and pure wool, hand sewn. Its design, born of cut-out shapes, attempt to imitate nature with its miraculous symmetry. Thought as a flexible bas-relief, the watchman reveals himself in a changing way according to his orientation.

Dimensions : 130x190 cm
100% raw silk

 This month, I clothe my nights’ coat to hide from the shadows at the time when leaves are blushing, when my nights shade my days, when they strike while the sun is sleeping away.